Admission: free on Thu, BYN 7 on Fri; BYN 10-20 BYN on Sat, depending on the show.

Located 50 meters above Niezaliežnasci Avenue level, AUroom is a mythical Shambhala on Minsk’s nightlife and clubbing map. On weekends, it hosts electronic music parties. The list of DJs that visited the club includes such gurus of lounge electronica as GUS GUS, Betoko, M A N D Y, Audiofly, Mario Basanov, Climbers and Dj Kon. It may seem at first glance that the management has decided to eat their cake and have it too by combining oriental peacefulness and the riot of the electronic music world. But the place is popular with office workers who seek to escape into artificial nirvana after the working week full of internet and negotiations. A beautiful view of the capital city at night opens up through large stained-glass windows, while a smiling Buddha statue makes sure clerks maintain their asana and vipassana.

117 Niezaliežnasci Ave (Maskoŭskaja Metro station) +375 29 190-22-22 (RUS, BLR, ENG) Thu from 18:00 till 02:00; Fri-Sat from 18:00 till 06:00