Boulders Museum


Experience the mysticism of ancient stones in the unique Museum of Boulders where 2134 boulders were brought into one place in the 1980s. Those giant stones were used to lay a map of Belarus.
Towns and cities are marked with the groups of stones, while the stoned pathways indicate the main roads of Belarus. Two small artificial ponds symbolize Lake Narač and Minsk Sea (Minskaje mora). The most peculiar 500 boulders are placed on the map in the places where they were collected.

When the sun is shining, this museum transforms into a lively neighborhood area. Moms with strollers are taking long walks, young guys in sportswear drink beer, while some more exquisite visitors smoke hookah and grill meat sitting on the artifacts. However, if you’re tempted to follow their example, remember that drinking alcohol in public places – especially in a museum – is forbidden in Minsk.

 Photo by Volha Bubich

Uručča neighborhood Getting there: trolleybuses 2, 41, 61, 62, buses 63, 63d, 27 (Boulders Museum (Muziej Valunoŭ))