Church of Saints Simon and Helena (Red Church)


This church, built in early 20th century, features elements of neo-Roman and neo-Gothic styles. The name of the church derives from the names of deceased children of its main sponsor, prominent civic activist Edward Wojniłowicz. The big tower to the right of the main entrance symbolizes the sorrow of mourning parents, while small towers over the altar are dedicated to deceased children. The Soviet authorities rebuilt the church into a cinema. Beginning from Easter in 1989, Minsk Catholics organized daily religious processions around the building. 18 months later, the Soviet government gave up. On November 21, 1990, the church was returned to Catholics. During the street protests on December 19, 2010, part of protesters tried to hide from the police in the building of the Red Church – it is situated next to the House of the Government. Since then, the entrance of the Red Church has often become the place of prayers for political prisoners and the site for protest actions. Protesters are often detained by the police.

15 Savieckaja St. (Metro station Plošča Lienina)