Church of St Peter and Paul


The church of St Peter and Paul is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Minsk (built in 1611). It is a typical example of how Roman Catholics influenced the Orthodox architecture. The church was built after the Union of Brest that created Greek-Catholic Church. However, unlike many other buildings, it was not part of Greek Catholic Church's possessions. Orthodox craftsmen who lived near the church defended it for decades.

A peculiar detail about this church: people whose relatives are alcoholics come here frequently. To the left of the altar, you can see statuettes of angels that people bring here as gifts for Virgin Mary. This church is the only Orthodox church in Minsk that has masses in Belarusian language. Inside the church, one can see 17th-19th-century murals.

4 Rakaŭsjaka St. (Metro station Niamiha)