Extra Border Crossing To Open on Belarus-Lithuania Border


Belarus and Lithuania plan to increase the number of international border crossings. The Loša- Šumskas crossing is currently used only for travelers who do not bring with them any purchased good, but in 2017 it will start serving as a full-fledged international border control point. This will allow to improve the situation on another border crossing, Kamienny Log, where Belarusians and Lithuanians at times had to wait for hours to get abroad or home. With less than 200 km between Minsk and Vilnius, Lithuania is a popular shopping and cultural destination for Belarusians, while Lithuanians come to Belarus mostly for business and tourism.  As telegraf.by , the new status of the crossing has been ratified by the Belarusian side and is now awaiting for the confirmation from the Lithuanian authorities.