House-museum of the 1st Congress of RSDLP


For instance, Kamunistyčnaja Street begins near Minsk’s main avenue with a small wooden house: the Museum of the 1st Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party. When the city authorities were expanding the former Zacharjeŭskaja Street into Lenin Avenue in 1940s, house No 133 was dismounted from its foundation and shifted closer to Svislač River. The house, in which on March 1, 1898 local Socialist Piotr Rumiantsev hosted 9 delegates of RSDLP Congress, now is open as a museum. The cover story was that they were celebrating the name day of Rumiantsev’s wife Olga. If you're not particularly fond of Communist ideology, visiting this house still might be interesting, since it allows to see how a genteel Minsk family used to live in late 19th century.

The museum also showcases countless vintage photos from the Soviet past. One of the pictures, for instance, depicts former leader of Belarusian Socialist Soviet Republic Piotr Masherov in the company of Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

31A Niezaliežnasci Ave (Metro station Plošča Pieramohi) +375 17 290-68-47 Opening hours: Mon – Sun 1100 – 1900 (tickets office closes at 1830)