Icons on the stones


Kurapaty Memorial

Place, getting there

A masterpiece of art and crafts – the portrait of Orthodox Church saints painted on the stones  -- is hidden in the Kurapaty memorial located in a Minsk suburb. The icon-painter of Holy Resurrection parish, Anatol Kuzniatsou, claims that he “sees” the ready-made portraits with his inner vision or even sees the saints in his dreams. St. Nicholas-the-Wonderworker, Serafim Sarouski, Yefrasinnia Polatskaya, Mary Magdalene and many other saints are painted on Kurapaty stones. The artist has also created the portraits of five priests shot by Communists in Minsk in 1937.

Stones have long been a traditional sacred symbol in Belarus well before the Christianization. They are perceived to be “growing from the Earth” and are still considered by some as objects of worship. To learn more about stones in Belarus, check the XII-century stones in Druja and Polack (Viciebsk region).