The Jakub Kolas Monument


The Monument to a poet Jakub Kolas in the square named after him always attracts kids.

Even if they don’t know a single verse from Kolas’s poems, it is fun to sit on his big boot or climb the heads of the heroes of his poems that are standing nearby. In almost every backyard in Minsk, you can easily find a playground with a slide and a swing – often steel-made and reminiscent of the childhood in the Soviet times. However, the city has recently acted to refurbish the playgrounds with modern  - and more attractive - equipment for kids. Just trust your gut and your child’s sharp eye that will spot everything he or she needs in the narrowest gap between houses. Let your kid spend half an hour swinging and climbing while you can take a breather on a bench before proceeding to explore the city.

Metro station "Ploshcha Jakuba Kolasa"