Kommunarka I


Privately founded as a confectionary shop in 1895, Kommunarka now offers a wide assortment of gift sets (from 200g to 1kg). Many chocolate boxes feature national symbols of Belarus. There is a white stork flying in a blue sky on the Bielaja Rus’ box, while Bielaviežskaja Pušča features the European bison. Paparać-kvietka (Fern Flower) depicts a young woman in Belarusian traditional clothes, referring to the legend about fern flower – it blossoms only in the Midsummer (St. John’s) night. Don’t miss another gift set, Bielaruskaja Bulba. ‘Bulba’ (meaning ‘potato’ in Belarusian) is in fact a round potato-like chocolate cake named after one of the most popular foods in Belarus.

Kids will definitely like such “big-size” sweets as Minski Hryljaž with cranberry, strawberry or other berry fillings (hryljaž, or grillage, is a brittle sweet made from nuts and set melted sugar). However, Kommunarka is more famous for its “adult” sweets, such as: Bielaviežskaja Pušča with bitter liquor filling or Staličnyja Elite filled with grain alcohol. Make sure to check Bielaruski Suvienir: chocolate bottles with liquor and brandy inside!

The best way to buy Kommunarka sweets is to visit one of its branded stores. There you can also try hot chocolate priced so low that you’ll believe in the victory of Communism in this country – or at least in this store.

18 Aranskaja St., Getting there: trolleybuses 3, 3d, 16, 19, 30, 36, 59, buses 14, 43, 79, 79d, 127 (Fabryka Kamunarka stop) +375 17 223-56-71 Mon-Fri 09:00-21:00, Sat 09:00-19:00; Sun 09:00-18:00