Кvartira № 3 (Apartment No 3)


Admission: free on weekdays, Fri-Sat – parties: BYN 7-10, morning sessions from 05:00 till 10:00: BYN 5.

Everyone likes to receive guests, but nobody likes to clean up after a wild party. Kvartira No 3 is ideal for lazybones, homebodies and people suffering from loneliness syndrome. Here you are allowed to dance wild Twerk dances to the mixes from female DJs (still rare in Belarus), to run a Kabuki performance in your mom’s or sister’s clothes or to drill a duckface selfie posing next to a washing machine or a cooker and not to be afraid of being misunderstood. Everybody does it at home. Here, everything is just like home – only that you don’t have to do general cleaning.

Кvartira № 3 (Apartment No 3)
3 Kulman St. (Plošča Jakuba Kolasa) +375 29 155-99-77 (RUS, BLR, ENG) 24/7