Loft Café


Admission: free before the show starts.  Call the club to find out the ticket price.

Having a ‘loft’ is a must for every city with developed clubbing and art scene. The ‘loft’ usually is a nice glamour-free place that preserves industrial charm after being rebuilt from a former warehouse or factory. Loft Café is a regular venue for electro-swing parties, jazz bands, deephouse and nu-disco bashes. Local bands (Apple Tea, Morfe) and foreigners (Mujuice, Satin Jackets, Zoo Brazil and Re:Axis) performed there under the colourfully decorated brick walls and industrial frames.

Loft Café
22 P. Broŭki St. Getting there: bus №37 (Vulica P. Broŭki stop), Akademija Navuk Metro station (10 minutes walk) +375 29 380 0010 (RUS, BEL) Sun-Mon from 11:00 till 00:00, Fri-Sat from 11:00 till 05:00
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