Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ)


NB: Access restricted

MAZ is located at the end of Partyzanski Avenue between Sacyjalistyčnaja and Mašynabudaŭnikoŭ streets. The plant was founded in early 1940s at the premises of Red Army military units by Germans who built there several vehicle-repair workshops. When Minsk was liberated in 1944, the workshops were expanded into an automobile plant, which nowadays manufactures heavy machinery – trucks, dump vehicles and buses.
The plant is a huge closed ‘city within the city’ with its own streets. Unfortunately, access to the plant is not permitted unless you secure a special arrangement with the management prior to the visit.

Place of interest: the main entrance is in Sacyjalistyčnaja street. Several old-generation trucks are showcased next to the entrance.

Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ)
Metro station Aŭtazavodskaja