Minsk central heating pipeline networks (former TEC-2)


The complex of the Minsk central heating networks that supply heating to central districts of the city is situated on the bank of Svislač River between Trascianieckaja and Industryjalnaja streets. The company's first building, constructed in 1934, was heavily damaged during World War II but regained authentic appearance after reconstruction.
Place of interest: There’s a dam and a beautiful artificial lake down the river. Note that swimming and fishing there is prohibited, since this is a technical water storage facility for the thermal power station No 2. Across the river, there are hills in Paliavaja street - one of the best spots in the city to watch industrial landscapes. The city's main cycling route runs on the river bank alongside the heating networks complex.

Minsk central heating pipeline networks
22 Aranskaja St. Getting there: bus No 43, 79, 79d, trolleybus No 16, 30, 3, 59, 36, 19 Minskenergo stop)