Minsk Tractor Works


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To many people across the world, the word ‘BELARUS’ is associated with tractors that are produced in Minsk. Minsk Tractor Works accounts for around 10% of wheeled tractors produced globally. The factory occupies a huge area between Daŭhabrodskaja, Vaŭpšasava, Radyjalnaja and Pierahodnaja streets. A whole residential district was built to accommodate the workers of this giant. Unfortunately, the factory is having hard times, struggling to compete on the global market. As a result, the territory of the factory is often packed with unsold stocks of tractors.

Place of interest: From the side of the bridge in Vaŭpšasava street there is a  north-bound narrow motorway pass between garages. From here you can spot a high bridge that belongs to the factory. Tractors are regularly seen moving on this bridge.

Minsk Tractor Works
Metro station Traktarny Zavod