National Library of Belarus


If you are a foreign passport holder and not a student, you should check . Admissions are open to anyone older than 15. A library card will cost you around $3.

You will not miss the building of the National Library in Minsk, even if you're not a book enthusiast. This giant diamond-shaped building entered the list of the ugliest buildings, but the government considers it to be one of the best examples of modern architecture in Belarus. The building, constructed in 2002, is used as a library and as a place for lengthy press conferences of the Belarusian president. The library works perfectly: you will not wait longer than 30 minutes for any book to be delivered from the stock. The stock room has 9 million books. The collection started in 1922, so all publications from around USSR were brought there.

Getting inside the library building without a valid library membership card is allowed when you are visiting it during a sightseeing tour. Alternatively, you can buy a ticket for the sightseeing platform on the top of the building to enjoy great views of Minsk.

Opening hours of the sightseeing platform:

Mon – Sun from 1200 till 2300; the last admission is at 2230.
(Enter from the backside of the building, phone: +375 17 293 29 52):
The sightseeing platform is closed on every last Monday of the month.

The admission fee is around $2. The library also offers foreign-language guided tours for groups under 10 people; a ticket costs $7 per person.

The guided tours should be booked in advance (phone: +375 17 293-28-53, +375 17 293-29-66, Tue-Sun from 1000 till 1800). The fees may vary.

National Library of Belarus
116, Niezaležnasci Ave, Minsk +375 17 266 37 02, +375 17 266 37 06 From September 1 to June 30: Mon-Fri from 1000 till 2100; Sat, Sun from 1000 till 1800. From July 1 to August 31: Mon – Fri: from 1000 till 2000; Sat: from 10.00 till 1800; closed on Sundays; The library is closed every last Monday of the month.