The photo book ‘’ by artist and writer Artur Klinau builds its plot around Independence Avenue and adjacent quarters. In Klinau's book, Minsk is presented as a city that was built after WWII following the Utopian plan of Tommaso Campanella.

Independence Avenue is Minsk’s central thoroughfare, built in the “Stalin’s Empire” style that stretches for about 12 km from the Central Railway Station to National Library. Praspekt, as the Avenue is called by locals, represents a somewhat strange combination of Soviet Monumentalism and glamour in its local interpretation. Beneath the avenue lies the first line (aka Maskoŭskaja) of Minsk Metro. On the ground runs Bus No 100 - the most convenient public transportation vehicle for enjoying a sightseeing tour without getting tired. We advise you take a stroll along the avenue in the evening, as it is beautifully lit at night. The most interesting Soviet-style interiors are on the buildings of Central Post Office, GUM and Centralny supermarket store.

Photo: Siarhei Hudzilin