Founded in 1924, Spartak factory is most famous for its huge souvenir milk and dark chocolate bars weighing 500g or 1kg each. Bound with a packthread and sealed with a wax seaboard, they look like yummy chocolate parcels shipped from far away.

 Another possible souvenir is a triangle box Dary Paleśsia full of small chocolate barrels with cranberry, blackberry, black currant, ash-berry and honey fillings.

 Some great-looking souvenirs: box of chocolates Spadčyna Bielarusi and branded golden Spartak boxes.

TIP: both factories produce confectionary for people with diabetesSpartak offers chocolate bars, cookies, waffles and Muškieciory na fruktozie (a box of milk and white chocolate). Kommunarka makes tasty truffles with fructose that are a top choice not only for diabetics.

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