St. Alexander Nevsky Church


This church, sanctified in 1898, was built on the territory of the Military Cemetery as a memorial for the heroes of Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878. The church is built in the tradition of Russian baroque church XVII - XVIII centuries (retrospective Russian style). This is the only Orthodox church that has never been rebuilt in Minsk and the last Orthodox church that was closed before World War II (1938). Inside the church, there is a small mobile church that Russian troops used when they fought in Bulgaria. Some icons in the church have relics of Alexander Nevsky, Saint Euphrosyne of Polack as well as Sofia of the Sluck and Jan Karmianski. The graves of Belarusian famous poets Janka Kupala and Jakub Kolas are situated nearby.

11 Kazlova St. Getting there: tram 3, 6 to Plošča Zmitraka Biaduli stop or walk from Metro station Plošča Pieramohi.