TEC-4 and Zachodni (Western) industrial hub


When the construction of TEC-4, Minsk's biggest thermal power plant, began in 1975, the industrial hub was situated 7 km from the city's western boundaries. Since then, however, Minsk's westward expansion has embraced two new neighborhoods -  Malinaŭka and Sucharava – that are separated from TEC-4 by the Minsk Beltway. The vast territory between these two districts is not suitable for housing projects due to environmental hazards: the winds are blowing emissions exactly in this direction. There are several spots around this industrial hub from where you can see picturesque landscapes of fields, the city, a forest or a lake with the TEC-4 chimneys and power grids at the background.

Place of interest: grandiose cooling towers serve to extract waste heat to the atmosphere through the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature. The towers emit the “white smoke” which in fact is an environment-friendly steam. Inside the cooling towers falls the rain invisible from the outside, as water falling from the 50-meter height is broken by several grids. This way, water is cooled down faster and no waterfall effect is created.

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6 Mantažnikaŭ St. Getting there: bus No 138, 142 (Vulica Mantažnikaŭ stop)