Political activists, sentenced to several days of arrest, are held in another jail, located at 36 Pieršy Zavulak Akrescina (next to Metro station Michalova). Almost all leaders and activists of Belarusian opposition had been there. If you get here after a protest action, you can get to know some prominent and interesting people (for instance, the leader of United Civil Party Anatol Liabedzka) who can brief you about the history and the current situation in Belarus.

Arrest for several days in Belarusian jail: $40. It is difficult yet possible to end up in jail in Belarus if you do not take part in rallies, pickets or protests. If you overindulge yourself with alcohol and are spotted staggering in the center of Minsk, the police will send you to a sobering station. Upon release, you will be required to pay around $40 (almost like hotel accommodation) for lodging and services. SARCASTIC ADVERT: Join a street protest and get accommodation for free.

Photo: Siarhei Hudzilin


36 Pieršy Zavulak Akrescina (next to Metro station Michalova)
Valadarka prison and detention center in Akrescina street