US embassy in Minsk to resume visa issue for all Belarusians in early 2018

Photo: pixabay.com

The US Embassy in Minsk will begin to issue visas for all Belarus citizens in early 2018, US Charge d'Affairs in Belarus Robert Riley told reporters at a news conference on 1 November. The issue of visas was limited to Belarusian aged 70+. As of today, this limitation is lowered to the age of 50+. According to Riley, 'technical issues are now being sorted out.' Before the Russia-US diplomatic row last summer, Belarusians had to travel to Moscow or St Petersburg to apply for a visa. The US mission head in Minsk says the authorities in Belarus were cooperative in finding a solution with the US visas for Belarusians. In 2016, 18000 Belarusians received a US visa around the world. Read this for more details.