“Ў” is a unique letter of Belarusian alphabet that sounds much alike with English [W].
Pronunciation of this sound is not an easy task for a non-Belarusian. Yet, you can always order a taxi to "U Karotkaje" (pronounced like oo: karo:tkaiə) as the letter is called and most services will understand where you need to go.

Y Gallery is located in the premises of the former glass bottle buy-back center that used to attract drinkers from all over Minsk. Now it is a small cultural center with an art gallery, a bookshop, a café and a shop with designer souvenirs.
The gallery has a busy schedule, as it regularly hosts presentations, festivals, art shows, and discussions. If you prefer spending time at a cafe, you may come across many locals who are engaged in civic or cultural projects.

37А, Niezaležnasci Ave +375 (17) 286 31 68, +375 (17) 284 53 99 12.00 - 22.00
Y Gallery