Y Gallery (Галерэя “Ў”)


Not sure if there is something called Belarusian underground art? If you have by now come to the conclusion that Minskers are mostly old-fashioned ladies in museums or worn-looking men having a drink from plastic cups in Centralny supermarket, you should definitely pay a visit to Y Gallery. The gallery is hiding just behind the buildings near the Plošča Pieramohi (Victory Square) obelisk. The name of the gallery in Belarusian reflects its alternative spirit: the "Ў" letter is unique to Belarusian alphabet.

The chill-out atmosphere of the gallery is best felt in a café where white tables, free WiFi and a selection of wines inspire lengthy discussions about cultural and social projects. Many of those projects take place in the gallery itself. Y Gallery hosts discussions about the future of Europe, the place of Belarus in Europe and gives space to the European Café ( ) and many other initiatives.

 The nearby book shop LohvinaU (“ЛогвінаЎ”) offers art enthusiasts the albums of modern Belarusian photographers and artists. One can also buy here pARTisan magazine () dedicated to modern Belarusian art. The name of the magazine refers to the image of Belarus as a country of partisans/guerillas that fought against Germans during World War II. Modern Belarusian culture is in a way a guerilla/partisan movement, segmented into numerous smaller groups that rarely cooperate. pARTisan attempts to unite those dispersed movements into a better interacting cultural elite.

Y Gallery
37 Niezaliežnasci Ave (Metro station Plošča Pieramohi) +375 17 286 31 68, +375 17 284 53 99 Mon-Fri 10:00-22:00, Sat-Sun NOON-22:00