Travelling with babies is not that difficult as it may seem at first glance.  Statistics show that parents who like to travel with their babies usually follow two simple rules: use the baby sling and stick to breast-feeding. Troubles begin when babies reach certain weight and age. Their favourite sling is no longer strong enough, their shaky steps become increasingly confident, and soon fast little legs will carry them away from parents in order to see and touch everything.


So, you left the pram behind at home because it is too heavy and inconvenient. You might have even decided that your kid is strong enough to jump on the right foot along the 12-km stretch from Niezaliežnasci Square to National Library. But somehow the little legs that seemed so strong and unstoppable have gotten tired… In this new situation parent’s shoulders would be the win-win option – especially since your little one will be able to see far from the top. But… what if parents are having aches in the back, or other conditions that prevent them from carrying the kids on the neck for long?


In Minsk, it is totally easy to find a baby equipment rental service. Don’t get scared when you will see that rentals on the website are offered for two weeks or a month at minimum. It is always possible to cut a deal and rent a pram for three or four days.



, Sucharava neighbourhood (rental for several days is possible).
, next to Central Railway Station (slightly more expensive than others).