On paper, people with disabilities in Minsk (and Belarus in general) can enjoy lots of attention and care. For instance, procedures suggest that a wheelchair ramp must be designed for every non-residential building. In the reality, though, officials rarely care to check if Minsk streets are indeed accessible for people with disabilities.

NB: most of the ramps in central Minsk stumble upon a steep threshold or stairs.

Minsk’s high kerbs are too inconvenient for the elderly, cycling amateurs, and young parents with prams as well. Even though some buses on the No 100 and No 1 routes are disability-friendly; and the newly built subway stations have lifts, the people with disabilities keep complaining that they are yet to find their place in Minsk. Travellers with disabilities who are planning a visit to Minsk are invited to check the webpage of the  or of the  for useful tips and analysis.

Photo: Siarhei Hudzilin