Unlike its neighbors, Belarus gets little-to-no attention in the foreign media. One could say that Belarus is a boring country. With many religions peacefully coexisting side by side, two state languages, no ethnic conflicts and no vast natural resources, it gets into the spotlight of media attention only at times of regional conflicts or a crackdown on human rights and basic freedoms that usually follows or forestalls the most important political events. Therefore, you won't find plenty of news about Belarus in the international media on any given day.
The local state media (news agencies, newspapers and radio) will bring you news in English – an amusing read for those who miss, or have never encountered before, the Soviet-style propaganda.
However, your best source of trustworthy news and analysis is a handful of surviving independent in-country and external media outlets, think tanks and NGOs that inform Belarusians and the world about the events in Belarus despite serious political and economic hardships.