Belarusian Latin script

Be it a tourist attraction or a metro station, you will notice some signs and directions in Latin alphabet in mostly Cyrillic Minsk. Some letters of Belarusian Latin Alphabet have diacritical signs. The current version of the Belarusian Latin script dates back to the late 19th - early 20th century. Unlike the Russian language that never had Latin script, the Belarusian language developed Latin script simultaneously with Cyrillic. Therefore, authorities and international organizations use the historical version of this script for writing Belarusian geographical titles. Those who can read in Polish, Czech or Croatian will easily read Belarusian signs.


Others can check some basic rules here:


Sardečna zaprašajem u Minsk! = "Sardechna zaprashayem u Minsk" = Welcome to Minsk!