Gradually but very slowly, cycling infrastructure is developing in Minsk. Unfortunately, because of high curbs on most pedestrian crossings and due to the lack of special bikeways along the main streets, the city is still poorly adapted to free cycling. As a result, although Minsk is relatively flat, cycling amateurs prefer mountain bikes in order to move freely around the city.
The main cycling attraction in Minsk is the 27km-long bikeway. Built in 2010, it passes through almost the entire city along the bans of Svisloch River and picturesque park zones. There are also numerous bike rentals along the bikeway.
In 1980, a bike way was built for the Moscow Olympics to connect the town gates with the sports complex Raubichy along the Lahojsk highway.
There is a velodrome in the complex of Minsk Arena. It hosted the World Cycling Cup in 2013.
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