Minsk Food

Minsk restaurants and cafes

There is a common saying in Belarusian, "znik u poszukach ezhy", which can be translated as "gone in search of food". It's used when someone is gone and not likely to return. Actually, this saying is grounded in recent history, as it used to be a problem to find good food in the city just a few years earlier. Such ordinary things as breakfasts at 8AM simply ceased to exist. But the times are changing, and there are plenty of places in Minsk today where you can eat cheap, tasty and comfortable. Thanks to gastronomical influences from East and West, we also have workshops on "Coffee shop business for dummies" now, and, as a result, hipster cafes and short-lived bars are not uncommon any more. Still, restaurants are seen as symbols of prestigious consumption by many old-school Belarusians, and such high-profile enterprises as "Grunwald" (Marx Street, 19), "Talaka" (Rakaŭskaja Street, 18) or "At Francysk's" (Niezaliezhnasci Avenue, 19) are rather preferred by foreign tourists than by locals.