There are many football clubs in the city, two of them are  and  that play in Belarus's Extraleague.

Football team Dinamo Minsk is symbolical for Belarusian fans. Many years of participation in the USSR championship made it popular with the Belarusian fans countrywide. In 1982, Dinamo became the champion of the Soviet Union.

In the independent Belarus, Dinamo had been a top team in Belarus football for many years before it conceded leadership and viewer's attention to football club  from Borisov in the 2000s. The latter has repeatedly reached the group stage of the prestigious European cups – the Champions League and the Europa League. Because the team had no proper stadium to host UEFA games, BATE Borisov played their international matches at Dinamo Stadium in Minsk - thus succeeding to build a considerable fan base in the capital city.

Among other Minsk football clubs are interesting teams that have their history closely connected with the largest industrial enterprises:  and . They have one thing in common: for various reasons, the both clubs were once on the verge of disappearance but remained on the football map of the country thanks to numerous fans who have taken control of the teams. Matches between these two teams in the lower divisions of the championship can be characterized by a super-high intensity on the pitch and an amazing atmosphere created by their fans.

Where to play football
Football and mini-football are quite popular with residents of Minsk. There are several amateur football leagues in Minsk: , , , .


Dynama (‘Dinamo’) football stadium

 Dynama (‘Dinamo’) football stadium
Legendary Dynama (‘Dinamo’) football stadium is a symbol of Belarusian football ... Built in 1934, it was reconstructed seven times and is now preparing for the eighth reconstruction. In 1980, the stadium hosted seven matches of the Olympic football tournament. The Olympic flame was lit at the stadium, with the torch having survived till now.  Currently, the Dynama stadium is closed.  It may be of interest only from the architectural point of view. The arena will be reconstructed and the run tracks will be saved.  The President hopes that it will be able to host major athletics competitions. A new national football stadium will be built away from the city center in the 50th Anniversary of October Revolution park.  As a result, there is a paradoxical situation in Minsk where Belarusian teams don’t have venues to play international matches. In 2013, Dinamo Minsk hosted European oppositions in Brest, while FC Minsk had to play host in Grodno. The most modern stadium in the country was opened in 2014 in Borisov. This stadium is the only one in the country of the 4th category according to the UEFA rating and it is the home arena of FC BATE Borisov as well as Team Belarus.
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