In 1596, the Union of Brest created Greek Catholic (United) Church. This church used Belarusian language for its masses and spread mostly among the rural population. Some historians claim that the Belarusian-language masses of this Church assisted the formation of the Belarusian nation.

Nowadays, there are four Greek Catholic communities in Minsk but they have no church building. Greek Catholics were heavily persecuted in Tsarist Russia and, later, in USSR. The short period of democratization in 1991-1994 was insufficient to bring back the popularity of Greek Catholicism in Belarus. Nowadays, this Church mostly attracts a narrow circle of patriotically-minded intellectuals that dream about bringing Catholics and Orthodox Christians together in order to strengthen Belarus' statehood. However, it is more probable that Belarus film studio shoots Avatar film than this idea meets with the approval by the current ruling elite.

Minsk Greek Catholic Center of St Joseph

The center was founded in 2008. It has a chapel, a library and other useful premises for priests and worshipers. Minsk Greek Catholics are allowed to pray in the Church of Saints Simon and Helena.
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