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Most Minsk hotels were refurbished for the 2014 World Ice Hockey Championship; some were built specially for that occasion. However, many of them are 4- and 5-star properties with a high price tag. If you're an Arab Sheikh coming to Minsk to find your princess, the price should not be a problem for you. But for budget travelers, prices even in 3-star hotels in Minsk may come as a shock.

A double room in the most popular 3-star hotels in Minsk (Yubileynaya, Planeta, Sputnik, Orbita) will cost you around $110-150/night. Most probably, you won't be able to justify the price after your stay. Nevertheless, these hotels remain quite popular with average tourists who come to Minsk and don't know much about other accommodation options by need a decent room with clean bed sheets and hot water.

Some hotels provide a complimentary breakfast buffet; others will charge you for a breakfast. Always check the breakfast option before booking a room, since hotels with no buffet breakfast option may charge you extra for a very light breakfast.

A good hotel for those traveling alone is 40 Hod Pieramohi (40 let pobedy) hotel at 3 Azgura St. A single room there will cost you around $42/night but you should book your room 2-3 months in advance. To give you a sense of the price level: Naračanskaja 'budget' hotel and three more hotels of the same type that will soon open in Minsk will charge you $42/night for a bed in a twin room.

Hotels have only one significant advantage for foreign tourists over other types of accommodation in Minsk: hotels offer registration services to foreign travelers. After five business days in Belarus (30 days if you're a citizen of Russia, Ukraine or the Baltic states), foreigners must . If you are staying in a hotel, the hotel will do it for you.