How to get to a hockey match?

You can find the best route to your final destination at the or with the help of a mobile app. In this section, we will write only about the most common route to the Ice Hockey Championship events: from the Minsk Central Railway Station or city center to the ice arenas.
Getting to Minsk-Arena
Option 1. Take a City Lines Train (direction Belarus) and get off at Masiukoŭščyna stop: a 9-minute ride + 10-minute walk from the railway station to Minsk-Arena.
Option 2. Bus No. 1 (the stop is located at 3 Kirova St.). The ride will take approximately 30 minutes, but you get a bonus: from 1000 till 1700 and from 2000 till 2200 you can listen to audio guides in Russian or English about Minsk.
Option 3. Hop on any minibus going to ždanovičy. The ride will take approximately 20 minutes.
Getting to Čyžoŭka-Arena
Option 1. Trolleybus No 16. The ride will take approximately 35 minutes.
Option 2. Take metro to Aŭtazavodskaja station (you will have to change lines at Kastryčnickaja station), then take trolleybus No 16, 17, 26, 92 or bus No 22. The ride will take approximately 40 minutes. This option works the best for those traveling from the city center rather than the railway station.
Option 3. Take trolleybus No 49 if you're traveling from Sierabranka neighborhood.