Journalist unions and human rights defenders

(BAJ) is a useful resource for anyone in need of comprehensive information about the state of press freedom in Belarus. It offers useful tips for local and foreign journalists and publishes regular reports on press freedom violations in Belarus. Check their online game if you want to learn more about the challenges that journalists face on a daily basis in Belarus! BAJ is the oldest independent professional union of journalists, publishers and editors in Belarus.
Pro-governmental Belarusian Union of Journalists (BUJ) doesn't have an English version but you can read their updates in Russian at
offers daily updates about human rights violations in Belarus as well as analytical reports and special coverage of main political events such as elections.
is an NGO that has dealt with human rights defense since 1995. on how to behave in Belarus in order not to violate local laws.
offers research and useful legal advices in the field of human rights. Check their human rights monitoring service in Belarus at