Mini-buses (marshrutki)

Mercedes Sprinter, Peugeot, Gazel and other minibuses are yet another form of public transportation in Minsk.

Minibuses usually have different routes than buses, trolleybuses or trams and sometimes cross the whole city. For example, the minibus pictured above has a 22-km route stretched from ždanovičy to Čyžoŭka.

Unlike in some other Eastern European cities, you can stop a minibus only at official public transportation stops in Minsk. You should ask a driver to stop in advance and make sure you speak loudly. Many drivers have special "The quieter you ask, the longer you ride" signs in their buses.

A minibus ride will cost you on average 2.5-3 times more than a single bus ticket. Drivers may "forget" to issue you a ticket but will eagerly give you one if reminded. Technically, a passenger must carry a ticket during the whole ride to be able to show it to a rare ticket inspector or in case of a road accident.