There are many taxi companies in Minsk. An average rate is 5000 BYR (around 0.35 EUR) / km plus the obligatory 'get-in fee' that covers the first couple of kilometers of your ride. A taxi can be called using a mobile phone app, for instance, from . Taxi Almaz or 7788 is one of the cheapest taxi companies in Minsk. Orders are picked online via or via the short number 7788 from a Belarusian mobile phone or landline or +375 17 306 0778 from a non-Belarusian mobile phone. However, we would recommend this service only for those who know the city quite well, since cheap prices come along with many inexperienced drivers. A more confident option is : +375 29 33-33-001, +375 29 66-66-001, +375 29 22-22-001, +375 29 99-99-001 The websites of taxi companies in Minsk usually don't have an English-language version. Call center dispatchers will not necessarily speak or understand English. Hence it's better if you ask your hotel or bar staff or local friends to call you a cab or at least write down your destination address on a piece of paper in the way they're pronounced in Belarusian or Russian.

On a normal day, a cab will arrive in approximately 7 minutes after your call. However, in rush hours, on weekends or during holidays you may have problems with getting a car and may wait for up to 20 minutes.
As in many other cities, the drivers who offer their taxi services near a railway station or in the airport are usually not worth your trust or money. They are more prone to take advantage of new coming travelers, be it local or foreign. Take a bus route to the city if you arrive in Minsk on a plane. If you come to Minsk by train, call a taxi by phone or web (you can use railway station's Post office to get online and exchange your money into the local currency at the station's exchange offices called obmennik).