offers "news and analysis of Belarusian politics, economy, human rights and myths." Its authors are based in Minsk, London, Boston, Berlin and Kyiv. One of BD-related recent initiatives is called and offers biographical information about the most important political and economic figures in Belarus.


: Warsaw-based non-for-profit organization.

By creating a platform for dialogue between Belarusian and international journalists, experts, and other professionals, aims to help keep Belarus in the international focus of attention, as well as to open up new perspectives for Belarusian civil society. Each week, the Office informs the world about the situation in Belarus through the distribution of first-hand information and analytical commentary on social, political, and economic events. It also holds an annual writing about Belarus for international media and provides to journalists planning to travel to Belarus.They also run a special covering the International World Hockey Championship in Belarus.



: This Brussels-based think tank and lobbying organization aims at deepening ties between Belarus and the EU. It offers a selection of own and third-party news regarding Belarus' civil society and Belarus-EU cooperation.


is a think-tank with a mission to provide "objective analysis of the current situation in the field of national security of Belarus."