Where do you buy tickets to theater performances in Minsk? Just a couple of years ago, tickets could only be bought in box-office booths scattered across the city or from individual distributors at state-owned enterprises. Nowadays, things have become much easier. Tickets can be found and bought online via   and . Exceptions: Yanka Kupala Theater sells tickets only through its own box-office and its own , Music Theater via its own as well.

Check to scan the repertoires and ticket information.

When a premier is expected (regardless of the theater season), tickets to any theater are extremely difficult to get due a small number of active troupes. Demand fluctuates depending on the season. The house is full in colder months of the year from October through March. In September and from April to June when city dwellers leave Minsk in masses for their summer dachas, tickets are widely available. However, this rule does not apply to the Opera and Kupala theaters. After the buildings of those theatres recently reopened after reconstruction, spectators don’t miss an opportunity to see the renovated interiors and take pictures of the new decor.

We highly recommend you to buy seats in the central part of the ground. Some theatres like Theater of Belarusian Drama, New Dram Theater, Puppet Theater) have relatively small halls. Hence the stage is very well observed from any seat. In Kupala Theater, try to avoid side seats as the stage can be poorly visible. In the Opera and Ballet Theater, watching the stage from the side seats in the dress circle and gallery can be difficult. But for opera performances, music fans deliberately hunt for those seats due to the best sound. The sound is definitely worse in the ground due to construction design peculiarities.

Tickets to theatres in Minsk cost on average BYR 19.75 BYN (around 10 EUR). Festival performances are rather expensive for Minskers. The best seats can cost up to BYN 296.19 – 394.92 (around 150–200 EUR). Ticket prices for regular, non-festival performances can vary between BYN 5 (around 2.5 EUR) for a performance for children in the Puppet Theater to 138 BYN (around 69 EUR) for the best seats for a premiere in the Opera and Ballet Theater.