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Minsk hotels and hostels

The first Minsk hotels were wayside inns that offered supper for tired travelers and stables for their horses. However, already by the beginning of the 20th century, Minsk’s accommodation on offer was more diverse. There were 42 hotels, ranging from luxurious Europa Hotel on Hubernatarskaja street to casual wards for poor Jews on Niamihskaja street.


In May 2014, the dedicated to hotel and accommodation in Belarus reported that the two-million city had only…35 hotels - less than before 1917! With 14 new properties planned for the World Ice Hockey Championship, there should have been more hotels - yet, not all of them were finished on time. The delays raised concerns among Minskers and visitors that there would not be enough accommodation for everyone coming for the championship. But things are not as gloomy as they may seem. A popular online hotel offers at least 250 hotels, hostels or apartments in Minsk for August 2014. Here are some tips on how to find the best accommodation.

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